Ready For Contracting?

by Atlanta Small Biz Esquire

So many of you have asked about finding government contracting opportunities, that we have decided that today’s blog will be dedicated to helping you do just that.

The best way to conduct significant business with the federal government is to obtain a GSA Schedule Contract. GSA stands for General Services Administration.   Among other functions, the GSA assists with procurement work for other government agencies. The purpose of the GSA Schedule is to streamline the procurement process by providing a collection of pre-negotiated contracts. The GSA Schedule application process is lengthy and complex- but well worth it as some government agencies will only place orders where there is a GSA Schedule Contract in place.

Once your GSA Schedule application is approved, you will need to actively begin to look for contracting opportunities. Here is where you begin:

  1. Visit the GSA Vendor Support Center ( This website is full of materials and information to help new contractors learn more about the Schedule Contract process and requirements and help make sure they have the best chance of success.
  2. Register on eBuy (  This allows agencies to find your company in an online database, and send you requests for quotes (RFQs) or company pricing information.
  3. Browse FedBizOpps (  Here, you can search tens of thousands of available federal government contracts and see what contracts have been awarded and to which companies.

With the wealth of information readily available for businesses desiring to contract with the federal government- the process of actually becoming a government contractor is simple- but not easy. The GSA Schedule Application is lengthy and cumbersome, responding to RFQs is a learned skill, and even searching efficiently for contracts in the vast government database requires expertise in deciding which contracts your company will be most competitive for.

From applying for you GSA Schedule Contract Number to responding to your first RFQ- we at Innovative Venture Solutions can help… Visit our website at and request your FREE 30 minute consultation today!